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Recent and Current Criticism

Early Modern Literary Studies
Contains articles on all aspects of 16th and 17th century literature and culture. Also includes an impressive list of relevant WWW resources.

Shakespeare's Words                                                                                                                                              
Online version of the glossary and language companion by David and Ben Crystal.

Renaissance Forum
An electronic journal of early-modern literary and historical studies.

The Shakespeare in Europe site hosts a number of critical essays.

Early Modern Culture
"With Early Modern Culture, we have tried to create an on-line space for something like the active and on-going inquiry of a good seminar. Hence, what you will find at this site are four works-in-progress by major scholars in early modern studies, along with a set of responses from readers--some junior, some senior--working on similar topics. With this format, our desire is to open a conversation, and make explicit how much all our work depends upon such opportunities for careful reading, as well as critical (in the best sense of that word) exchange. We hope you will find all of this work fresh and stimulating; certainly, we ourselves are delighted with the labor and generosity of our contributors".

Hamlet Works
Criticism and texts of Hamlet including the Enfolded Hamlet and the full text of the journal Hamlet Studies.

Historical Criticism

Shakespeare and his Critics Page
A wide and increasing range of Shakespeare related documents, transcribed and edited by Thomas Larque.    

The Shakespeare in Europe site hosts links to an impressive range of criticism from the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. 


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