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Complete Works and Individual Texts

Complete works

Open Source Shakespeare
There are several complete works available on the web, most of which are based on a generic text released to the public domain in the early 90s called Complete Moby Shakespeare.  This is based on the 1866 Works of William Shakespeare edited by William George Clark and William Aldis Wright.  Open Source Shakespeare uses this text but with search and concordance facilities.

Internet Shakespeare Editions
Produced by the University of Victoria. Includes all texts of all plays both in quarto and folio are online, including the apocryphal plays added in the Third Folio.  This is a genuine attempt to edit the texts for electronic format rather than using out of copyright texts. Complete with scholarly aims and objectives. Includes links to useful resources.

Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
Contains The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Globe edition, 1866), Shakespearean prompt books of the seventeenth century, The First Folio and early Quartos of William Shakespeare.

First Folio (1623) facsimile
Produced by the University of Pennsylvania Library. A high quality facsimile reproduction of the Furness Shakespeare Library copy of the First Folio. The Furness Shakespeare web page also contains facsimile reproductions of other important texts from the period.

Renaissance Electronic Texts
A series of old-spelling, SGML-encoded editions of early individual copies of English Renaissance books and manuscripts, and plain transcriptions of selected works.

Individual works

The Enfolded Hamlet
produced by Bernice Kliman. Allows readers to read the Folio or 2nd Quarto texts of Hamlet separately, or as a conflated single text.

British Library Shakespeare Quartos
Includes 93 high quality facsimile copies of the 21 plays by William Shakespeare printed in quarto before the theatres were closed in 1642.  Enables onscreen comparison between two texts.

Shakespeare Quartos Archive
A digital collection of pre-1642 editions.

Illustrated works

Victorian Illustrated Shakespeare Archive
Images from four Victorian Shakespeare editions prepared by Michael John Goodman.

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