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Current and Forthcoming Renaissance Drama Productions in the UK

 October 2022

All the productions that we know about from the current month onwards are included in this list.

New indicates that a production has been added to the list this month.
indicates that the information has been changed or expanded this month.

[P] indicates a professional production.
[A] indicates an amateur production.

Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe


Lazarus Theatre Company. Directed by Ricky Dukes. Southwark Playhouse, 1 September – 1 October (020 7407 0234). [P]


Faustine by Lucy Padwick 

The Hope Theatre, London, 30 – 31 October (0333 666 3366). After her radical PhD thesis is rejected, Faustine accidentally summons the demon Mephistophilis, who offers to end female pain in exchange for Faustine’s soul. But is this ambitious scientist willing to be deprived of everlasting bliss for the sake of all womankind? Can she trust a demon who claims to be a feminist? Can periods truly be eradicated? Inspired by Marlow’s Doctor Faustus, Faustine is a two-handed, dark comedy which explores the struggles of being a modern feminist and debates whether the rise can be worth the fall. [P] 



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