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Post-Graduate Taught Courses

Please contact us if you would like your course, or know of a course, which should be included on this list:

MA Shakespeare Studies. The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon
This programme, delivered by and taught at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon, offers an unrivalled opportunity for the study of Shakespeare. It develops a critical but appreciative understanding of Shakespeare’s contribution to literary and theatrical history, and the place his works occupy in today’s cultural landscape. The programme has gained a strong reputation both in Britain and abroad. It has proved invaluable for students heading towards a variety of careers, and it provides a solid foundation for research at a higher level.

MA/Diploma Shakespeare and Theatre. The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon
This innovative Shakespeare Institute programme allows you to study the performance history but also the way in which Shakespeare’s plays have been performed through history, up to the modern moment. It encourages a historical approach to interpretation and styles of presentation and it promotes the value of close reading as the basis for evaluating the plays on the page, stage, and screen. You will have the opportunity to look at different productions and adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays in their historical, political, and cultural contexts and to think about the performance choices actors and directors make when approaching Shakespeare’s texts. You can also study how the textual history of Shakespeare’s plays influences performance today.

MA Shakespeare and Education
The Shakespeare Institute's MA in Shakespeare and Education is a unique, modular programme that is particularly appropriate for practicing teachers, offering the opportunity to enhance expertise in different aspects of Shakespeare’s work. Throughout the programme you will be incorporating the study of Shakespeare's plays in performance and adaptation. You can study this programme on campus or by distance learning.

MA Shakespeare and Creativity. The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon

MA in Theatre Practice: Staging Shakespeare, University of Exeter
The Staging Shakespeare pathway provides a unique opportunity to study Shakespeare by means of practice. It is suitable both for students with theatrical experience who want to develop a specialism in Shakespeare, and for students who have encountered Shakespeare in a literary context and now want to develop the very different understanding that comes through performance.

The encounter between these two groups has always proved a fertile one for both parties. The pathway will suit students who wish to continue to doctoral work, those who want to incorporate Shakespeare in their teaching, or those who simply wish to enhance their knowledge and skills as a performer. The rich historical environment of Exeter is the perfect setting for encounter with the Elizabethan past, a past that remains profoundly relevant to the present.

Collaborations with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and with actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company will give you access to some of the finest Shakespearian work in the world today and you will participate in practical work during a two-week residency at the Globe in London.

M.A. in Shakespeare Studies, King's College, London and the Globe Theatre
A unique MA programme taught in collaboration with Shakespeare’s Globe. Offers advanced critical and textual study of the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, focusing on both early modern and contemporary contexts for their composition and reception. Optional modules offer in-depth study of Jacobean theatre and culture, Shakespeare on screen and stage, and the social and literary cultures of early modern England.

MA in English Studies: Early Modern Studies 1300-1700, Queen Mary, University of London
One year full-time, two years part-time
Working alongside distinguished scholars in English Literature you will be asked to think about what we mean by the terms ‘Medieval’ and ‘Early Modern’, and to formulate conclusions using a profoundly interdisciplinary approach: you will examine the literature, history, religion, visual culture, social relations, and politics of the period. Imaginative and ambitious themed modules enable you to study some of the most influential writers working between the 14th and 17th centuries within their cultural and historical context: – Chaucer, Erasmus, Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Montaigne, Donne, and Milton amongst others. You’ll construct a historical understanding of the key movements, debates, and ideas that shaped the period in preparation for researching and writing your dissertation.

MA Shakespeare, Royal Holloway 
The principal aim of this course is to study the full range of Shakespeare’s dramatic and poetic works more closely and comprehensively than is possible at undergraduate level, while also allowing you to focus in depth on a single major play. A distinctive feature of the course is its close engagement with the works themselves and with what they say now about our world as well as what they reveal about Shakespeare’s.The critical, historical and theoretical issues raised by his plays and poetry are allowed to emerge out of your direct encounter with them, rather than being prescribed in advance as avenues of approach.

The MA is designed to provide you with both breadth of coverage and depth of focus, and the course is ideal whether you wish to pursue research at PhD level or simply wish to develop your knowledge of Shakespeare and your critical skills.


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